General information

Core banking system ABS «BIS GRANT» is an integrated system intended for maintenance of a full work cycle of modern Ukrainian commercial bank.
It meets all the requirements of National bank of Ukraine to the software of commercial bank. It was the first among banking systems both Ukrainian and foreign to get a conformity Certificate of the National bank of Ukraine. This system has been admitted the best development of 1996 among ORACLE partners in CIS.

ABS «BIS GRANT» is based on the lead solutions widely used in the world practice of development of the information systems such as:

  • RDBMS Oracle;
  • client-server architecture;
  • centralized storage and unified mechanisms of processing and access to information;
  • always real-time processing;
  • the comprehensive approach to a problem of the information protection;
  • reliability of a storage and authenticity of information;
  • openness and possibility to deep customize a System;
  • reliability of a storage and authenticity of information;
  • possibility of process of scaling the System over a wide range.

ABS «BIS GRANT» is constructed on three-level architecture: workstations – application server – database server. The work from remote workstations does not differ from work of the local users, that ensures a possibility of work of bank remote branches with use of the centralized database in real-time mode.

Due to an openness of architecture of a System and built-in mechanisms of the description of technological process, there is a possibility of flexible technology control of information processing taking into consideration the specificities of each bank, additional extension of functionality of a System, simple and convenient connection of external applications.

ABS «BIS GRANT» is continuously developing product. Apart from the revisions of a System because of modifications of legislative and normative base, there issue annually not less than four releases of the System developed in accordance to the results of research Ukrainian banks needs, wishes and requests of our customers. All these modifications are given to our customers within the framework of standard conditions of support, that ensures constant availability at the bank – user of the actual version of a System.


ABS «BIS GRANT» conditionally can be divided into a number of logic subsystems, every from the list ensures automation of the certain stage of a bank work cycle or banking operations:

  • Customers – common set of the bank customers, history of main and additional parameters of the customers;
  • Accounts – common set of multi-currency accounts, history of parameters of the accounts, archive of amounts of balances and accounts turnovers;
  • Payment documents (transaction) processing:
    • monitoring of a completeness and propriety of fillings the requisite elements of the documents;
    • customized mechanism of documents routing and sighting;
    • mechanism of transactions, giving a possibility to create banking operations consisting of any amount of entries;
  • Accounting services – management of the current accounts of the customers (legal and natural persons); carrying out all the transactions, provided by the accounting rules; standard and individual rates and algorithms of calculation of commissions;
  • Loans/deposits – management of the Loans/deposits agreements with the natural and legal persons, overdraft, line of credit, consumer credits, Interbank credits and so on; management of the history of operations by agreement; management of any account of the credit security agreements (security by pledge and guarantees);
  • Interest – management of different Interest Basis: standard and individual rates and different algorithms of loan/deposit interest calculation and different methods of interest payments;
  • Operations with Securities – management the agreements on securities, calculation of amortisation of the discount/premium using the effective interest method, monthly calculation of reserve for depreciation of securities and so on;
  • Cash operations – automatic accounting the cash income and expenditure in real-time mode, generation of all necessary cash documents, automatic accounting of collection operations,
  • Service of the natural persons without opening of the accounts (reception of municipal payments and payments for the goods and services, receiving and payment money transfers in national and foreign currency);
  • Operations with foreign currency:
    • operations with cash currency and precious metals;
    • service of the customers on non-cash currency transactions – customers requests for buying, selling and conversion exchange (currency) transactions;
    • monitoring of the customers export-import contracts according to the Ukrainian legislation;
    • operations on foreign exchange market – registration of Spot, Forward and SWAP Deals, generating transactions, monitoring of deal closing, currency position forecasting;
    • correspondent accounts – management of correspondent relations agreements, operations with Loro and Nostro accounts;
    • interaction with a system S.W.I.F.T. – generating and receiving messages in S.W.I.F.T. format (MT103, MT200, MT202, MT300, MT320, MT011, ACK);
    • monitoring of a currency position.
  • Bank reports (records) – generating and printing all necessary documents according to the document circulation rules in the banks (with different periodicity, for bank as a whole and different departments and so on), formed by the request of the user and permitting to set different criterions of data selection; generation, storage and sending of all the statistical reports and files of primary economic parameters required by National bank of Ukraine, State tax administration and other state authorities, including automatic generation of consolidated reports for multi-branches banks;
  • Interaction with payment systems:
    • the interface with the System of electronic interbank transfers of NBU, met all the requirements of National Bank of Ukraine, including interface with a system of urgent transfers;
    • the interface with the National system of electronic mass payments (NSMEP);
  • Financial monitoring – a special subsystem created in accordance with the recommendations of FATF and requirements of the Ukrainian legislation on a resistance to legalization of the incomes obtained by a criminal way and providing the execution of all necessary procedures of financial monitoring in Ukrainian banks (automatic selection and registration of transactions liable to financial monitoring, data exchange with the State department of financial monitoring, generating and printing necessary documents);
  • Intrabank accounting:
    • Fixed and material assets accounting;
    • Personnel and salary;
    • Creditor/Debtor indebtedness accounting;
    • Tax accounting;
  • Service functions:
    • management of normative information;
    • internal audit;
    • differentiation of access to the information and management of the users rights;
    • automated dispatch, installation and monitoring of modifications.
  • Maintenance of multi-branches bank work:
    • generating consolidated reports;
    • monitoring of financial transactions of branches;
    • management of the consolidated corresponding account in NBU on different models of work.

Information security

ABS «BIS GRANT» provides a high level of information security of bank and reliability of storage of the information due to the creation of the protected environment for information processing at several levels:

  • Use of multitask highly reliable operational system Oracle Enterprise Linux and relational DBMS ORACLE as a base software made easier for developers to resolve problems of information protection on the first level of the database and operational system, backup copying and renewal after fail, as all these operations are ensured with base software;
  • On the second level of application software there realized subsystems:
    • Differentiations of access to information and management of the users rights – a logic prolongation of RDBMS Oracle mechanisms ensuring granting to each user a strictly regulated set of rights both on fulfillment of these or that operations, and on access to an appropriate part of database information;
    • Internal audit, logging all modifications in the tables of a System.
  • On the third level protection of electronic documents during their processing is ensured by digital signature. The system allows to form/store any amount of digital signatures for each document and to customize necessary sets of signatures for different kinds of the documents.