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  Processing Center

Processing Center of SRPF ARGUS Ltd.

Processing Center of Specialized Research  and Production Firm ARGUS Ltd. was created to enhance the amount of services and to create new conditions for commercial banks to work in the National System of Mass Electronic Payments.  SRPF ARGUS Ltd. PC offers the most accessible and suitable way to communicate with the System.

Advantages of Work with Processing Center of SRPF ARGUS Ltd.:

Minimization of Costs for Connection to Processing Center: designing software for an independent Processing Center we excluded any local databases, staging servers, additional software modules. All that a bank needs to work with our PC is a reliable communication channel and a client application to work with our database. Due to such an approach we relieved our clients from a necessity to buy expensive servers, DBMS licenses, and from expenses for maintenance of serviceability of additional equipment.
Reduction of Commissioning Terms: one of significant advantages of service of our PC is reduction of project commissioning terms several fold. The entire connection process has a step-by-step breakdown structure and can be completed within two weeks. PC staff will advise you on any issues related to connection to NSMEP.
Access to Extensive Functional Capabilities: our clients have a full online access to financial information of their bank. When the System was initially designed, the main principle was to ensure accessibility of information for the bank. In designing the PC software, all Company's asset functionality was preserved. Thus when introducing a project you will acquire all experience that our current clients have. This will give you an opportunity to use all possible financial tools for the sake of your business.
Integration with Automated Banking System: today the System can integrate with most ABS's operating in Ukraine. This helps you avoid excessive inconvenience when introducing a project and enable the bank staff to work in conventional systems.
Full Package of Services in the Same Hands: in our activity we use application software of our own design so that you could get support from the first hands. We have all required products to organize your card business. All you need is to connect with us.
Minimization of Risks: uninterrupted PC operation is ensured by a team of qualified specialists having a great experience of work with all PC software and hardware components.

The Processing Center operation utilizes exclusively reliable solutions of worldwide known vendors ensuring 24/7/365 system operation.
All software products used in our work undergo tests in NSMEP Payment Organization  the National Bank of Ukraine.

An important argument in favor of selection of services of an independent processing center is that increase of emissions and transactions will be supported by increase of server capabilities at the account of the processing center. All those processes will require neither additional financial investments from the bank nor additional working time from its staff.