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  Complex Solution for Member Banks of NSMEP

Automated card system ACS «ARGUS»

Automated card system ACS «ARGUS» is a Processing Center software designed by SRPF ARGUS Ltd under a Contract with the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) to support the operation of commercial banks in the National System of Mass Electronic Payments (NSMEP).
The NSMEP is a domestic state banking multi - issuing mass electronic payment system, in which all payments for goods and services, receiving cash and other transactions are effected with payment smart cards according to technology, developed by the National Bank of Ukraine.
ACS «ARGUS» complies with all NBU requirements to the software of a NSMEP member bank and is designed to ensure the following principal functions provided by the NSMEP technology: 
  • emission and acquiring of NSMEP payment cards;
  • information processing related to operations with NSMEP payment cards;
  • support of operation of NSMEP PC and POS terminals and automated teller machines (ATMs);
  • information exchange with Automation Banking System (ABS) provided by the NSMEP technology;
  • information  exchange with NSMEP Processing Centers.

ACS «ARGUS» has a broad functionality and is a flexible tool for development of card business in a bank. Nowadays  ACS “ARGUS” is used by most NSMEP member banks.
The specialists of ARGUS SRPF  Ltd. have designed a number of additional software systems to support operations of banks in the NSMEP.

Terminals and ATMs for NSMEP

PC-based computerized terminal ARGUS is a convenient, reliable and inexpensive solution for NSMEP card servicing. Functionality of the terminal allows its use both in bank branches and in trade outlets.

POS- terminal ARGUS based on VeriFone Series OMNI 3ххх and VX-5xxx/6xx terminals is an optimal solution for simultaneous operation with plastic cards of several payment systems (NSMEP, Visa, Master Card, American Express, etc.). The terminal can operate both off-line and on-line using any communication channels (telephone and dedicated lines, Ethernet networks, GSM and WiFi channels).


Internet terminal software ITAR is designed to ensure payments for goods and services via Internet using NSMEP payment cards. The software ensures totally secure payment transactions. Today this software is used in the following applications: receiving payments by online shops;  sale of railway and air tickets through websites; receiving utility payments through websites; bank transfer services; E-money systems for funds input and output.

ATM software ARGUS for Diebold Series 5хх and 7xx automatic teller machines is designed for NSMEP servicing through Diebold hardware. These series ATM include Cash-Out devices, full-featured devices with Cash-In, Coin Dispense, Recycling functions. ARGUS ATM software supports all existing NSMEP ATM functions.